What is VouchMyCouch.lu about ?

Outlet-Furniture in Luxembourg

Furniture for your house for low prices. VouchMyCouch.lu offers furniture for low prices for your house. These models are exposition models which need to be sell-off for different reasons. New collections, rest of stock, rest of collection, renovation or models with defects, theses are reasons for sell-offs. VouchMyCouch.lu connects dealers and their offers with millions of clients looking for furniture at fair prices. If you find your furniture at VouchMyCouch.lu, you need to hurry up and see the announcing dealer because most of exposed models are unique.

Important to know is that VouchMyCouch.lu only connects dealers with clients, but has nothing to do with contracts and delivery conditions made between sellers and buyers.


Used Furniture for your house…..

VouchMyCouch.lu also gives the opportunity to dealers to insert their used furniture. This is unique, VouchMyCouch.lu is THE online Hotspot for furniture, we connect all interest at our site, Dealers and Clients.


What do I find on VouchMyCouch.lu?

On VouchMyCouch.lu you’ll find articles at reduced prices for your house. All kind of furniture, living, decoration, kitchen, sanitary, Textiles, handcraft and much more is offered on VouchMyCouch.lu


Proved Dealers and Users

VouchMyCouch.lu offers a maximum of security. All dealers are checked before a partnership.


Why our dealers offer low prices?

Offered models are often exposition models from our dealers which need to be sold because of collection changement, renovation work, rest of stock, damage or other reasons. Due to the fact that the condition of the articles cannot be changed selling these models is very difficult an that’s why they are often offered with 50, 60, 70 even 80%.
Küche Wandhängend 18 700,00 €
18 700,00 €   28 350,00 €
Wohnwand 2 890,00 €
2 890,00 €   3 988,00 €
ANTIGUA Small 25,00 €
25,00 €   35,00 €
Armature Franke Brita 160,00 €
160,00 €   330,00 €